Terminals are the tracking and monitoring sensor devices installed in your vehicle and we use several types to meet different customer needs. Since the terminals we use vary greatly, we’ll provide you with all the necessary technical information once we’ve determined which fleet management solution is right for you.

No! Installation, calibration and configuration of the entire system is included in the price.

No! They will be unable to tamper with or manipulate the system. The terminal is hidden and installed in such a way that a driver must visibly damage part of the vehicle cockpit to get to it. This will provide evidence of an intent to sabotage the system for which the offending drivers will be sanctioned and charged for the subsequent repairs to the vehicle.

No! The server infrastructure is ours and it’s our responsibility. You just pay the monthly subscription fee. 

There are two payment options. In the first, we invoice you for the MireoFleet hardware which you pay for immediately, and you continue to pay the normal monthly subscription fee for 36 months for the complete and fully functioning system. In the second option, you can choose to have the price of the hardware added to your monthly subscription fee for 36 months. After the 36 month period is up, the hardware will be paid for and your monthly subscription fee will be reduced by that amount.

Yes! In both of the payment methods mentioned above, all of the costs associated with domestic messaging and GPRS data services are part of the fixed monthly subscription fee.

We can arrange an international mobile internet plan for data roaming for multinational vehicle tracking and fleet management, but it will be an independent account, separate from your regular monthly fee.

No! MireoFleet is a web application that requires no installation. All you need is an Internet connection and web browser! Just go to our web page and sign in with your user name and password to start working. MireoFleet is supported by most popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Yes! We’ll provide you with our raw system data and documentation, which you can use to independently integrate MireoFleet into your existing business system.

Yes, for our clients who pursue their business activities on international markets we do offer a special data roaming plan. But, please note that the onboard system has an internal memory that records all of the data while your vehicle is roaming. Once its back inside the domestic mobile network, the system sends the collected information back to the server so you can see exactly where and when your vehicle travelled while it was outside the country. In other words, you’ll know everything your driver and vehicle did once they’re back in their home country, but you won’t be able monitor what’s happening in real time.

Customer support for issues related to the application is provided by telephone and is available during normal working hours Monday through Friday. If you have an emergency situation like a vehicle theft, we will provide help outside of normal working hours. Support for Issues relating to hardware are handled by our partners at the authorized service center where your system was installed. Issues will be resolved within five working days at the most.


Data is sent from the vehicle to the servers every 300 feet while the vehicle is moving, and every 5 minutes when the vehicle is stationary.

Depending on the quality of the geocoding and location data, we can program the POI locations you want into the system. The POI locations will be named the way you want and only the employees you determine will be given access to see them.


No! You can track 20 or 20,000 vehicles at once. The system will work identically fast.

You can choose to install models with backup batteries.

Yes! An authorized engineer can move the monitoring hardware from one vehicle to another at our authorized service center. The procedure will usually take no more than 90 minutes.

Effective fleet management is based on the analysis of continuous monitoring represented in detailed reports. There is no point to vehicle tracking it if drivers can simply unplug the system when they feel like it. This type of system also provides no potential for protection from vehicle theft either.

Yes! You can export reports as Excel documents and PDFs. You can also print directly from the application.


Yes! We can install the optional Driver ID system that allows the driver to choose either the “Business” or “Personal” monitoring mode. The driver is required to use the ID key before every trip. Another way to separate business and personal use data is to create reports according to vehicle activity during and outside of normal business hours.


We can install the optional Driver ID system in each vehicle, which requires drivers to use a special key before operating a vehicle.

Yes, but we’ll need to install optional equipment.

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