Service Industries

The main sources of savings for these MireoFleet users is:
  • Reducing the number of working hours
  • Reducing the number of vehicles used for daily operations 
Additionally, typical participants in this segment would like to get the answers to questions such as:
  • Where is the vehicle?
  • Where is the employee?
  • Where are the customers’ delivery points?
  • What are the idling times at delivery points?
  • What is the amount of non-work related use of vehicles?
  • Can the number of vehicles be reduced?
  • How are drivers behaving? 
MireoFleet provides answers to those questions with information about:
  • The realtime position of vehicle/employee
  • Precise information about the time of arrival, idle time, and departure from a destination
  • Detailed information about all daily customer visits
  • Capability to show precise customer location on the map with routing options
  • Instantaneous alarms when the vehicle exceeds speed limit
  • Ability to show warnings about scheduled and preventive maintenance tire rotation, registration and insurance expiration date etc.
  • Driver ID 

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