Construction Equipment

By far the greatest avoidable expenses are excessive fuel consumption due to unnecessary idling time, the use of the equipment for non-work related activities and the poorly scheduled pickup of concrete and other materials.
MireoFleet provides an effective geofencing system that generates alarms whenever equipment or a truck enters or exits a user-defined polygon (geofence area). 
The main sources of savings for these MireoFleet users is:
  • Reducing the number of working hours
  • Reducing fuel consumption 
Additionally, typical participants in this segment would like to get the answers to questions such as:
  • Where is the equipment?
  • Where is the employee?
  • Where are the working sites?
  • What are the idling times during work hours?
  • What is the amount of non-work related use of equipment?
  • Can equipment be reduced?
  • How do I utilize the location of equipment when scheduling work activities?  
MireoFleet provides answers to those questions with information about:
  • The realtime position of equipment/employee
  • Precise information about the time of arrival, idling time, and departure from the work site
  • Detailed information about all daily work activities
  • Precise site locations on the maps with routing options
  • Instant alarms when equipment leaves or enters a work site
  • Warning about scheduled and preventive maintenance like tire rotation, registration, insurance expiration dates, etc. 

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