The premium MireoFleet PRO system provides comprehensive management of your fleet by combining real time information and management with full BackOffice administrative functionality. Real time information, advanced alarm functionality for greater optimization and unlimited historical data for all vehicles are the cornerstones of the MireoFleet PRO system.

Key Features and Benefits:

Includes all of the features of MireoFleet START and MireoFleet STANDARD, in addition to: 

An advanced set of alarms including tire changes, insurance expiration, registration expiration, maintenance schedules, etc.

The BackOffice provides basic vehicle info, fuel and maintenance expenses, maintenance schedules and a calendar of assigned drivers to vehicles

Proactive vehicle maintenance scheduling helps to extend vehicle life and keeps all vehicle-related costs organized and instantly accessible.

A comprehensive set of reports provides precise information about fuel expenses, general expenses, maintenance and other reports for vehicles, groups of vehicles and drivers.

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