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Mireo Signed Major Chinese Deal for Fleet Management 2M Vehicles Forecast in the next 3 Years

White label navigation and fleet management vendor Mireo has announced a significant deal in China with Huo Wang Tong, a company that offers a logistics platform to optimize the shipment of goods.

Huo Wang Tong provides small and medium trucking companies with a platform that allow them to find new customers and customers to find the nearest trucks based on the location of pick up and delivery.

In a market where shippers do not trust small trucking companies, Huo Wang Tong works as a clearing house that manages payments and provides continuous location tracking of the vehicles. Secondary benefit arises from driver behaviour analysis provided through Mireo’s platform.

“We are grateful to our Chinese partners for their confidence in our abilities, skills and technology. This huge opportunity will allow us to build the data center and service compliant with PRC rules and legislation. We are proud to be partners in this exciting venture as technology providers in the market that represents one of the most competitive and sophisticated fleet tracking markets globally,“ said Mireo’s CEO Leonardo Siladić.

Huo Wang Tong forecasts to connect a fleet of 2 million vehicles in the next three years.

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