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Enhancing Revenue With Complete System Sales
Mireo can provide turnkey solutions for your customers by providing access to our servers that run either the MireoFleet or customized (white label) system software. With the ability for your customers to register all of their GPS tracking devices and applicable data cards (SIM cards), we provide seamless integration with the MireoFleet or white label system. 

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Integrating Gps Tracking Devices With Communication/Navigation Units
Like with our AVL providers, we can integrate your GPS tracking device with our navigation package as described in the Application Engineering section.
A Hardware Reference List
With regard to long-term business development, Mireo has proven its ability to support a broad selection of GPS tracking devices and reliably utilize these devices with the MireoFleet, white label and customized white label solutions.
Some of the GPS tracking devices supported by Mireo are:
  1. Visiontek (device 86VT)
  2. AEM (AVL500)
  3. BSmart
  4. Cellocator
  5. Cybergraphy
  6. DAN_VTS
  7. Falcom
  8. Meitrack
  9. MMI
  10. Orbismo
  11. OT10
  12. Parrot
  13. QuecLink
  14. Ruptela
  15. Teltonika
  16. WLI 
In today’s competitive marketplace, it has become increasingly difficult for end users to differentiate one GPS tracking device from another.
While many of hardware providers/partners claim to have unprecedented reliability and quality, the purchase decision is often driven by the sheer cost of the unit. Through our white label solution, Mireo offers our partners a different approach that (link to white label solution OR tab) can transform their operation from box movers to full system solution providers.
Some of the benefits of implementing this business model are: 
  • Increasing Revenue With Complete System Sales
  • Integrating Gps Tracking Devices With Communication/Navigation Units
  • A Hardware Reference List 

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