Fleet Owners & Managers

Fuel savings
“All expenses related to our fleet of vehicles have decreased tremendously with the implementation of MireoFleet. The biggest savings were achieved by significantly reducing fuel consumption.

Our investment in the MireoFleet system was recouped within the first few months of using the system.” says Ivan Peček, CEO, Iveta d.o.o. 
Improved productivity
“The MireoFleet system has significantly increased the sales of our products. The sales activities of our mobile workforce are analyzed and reviewed on a daily basis. As a result, we can better manage our current sales strategies as well as develop our future sales plans.

MireoFleet is an essential tool that’s improved our sales.” says Tomislav Razumović, Sales Manager, Krauthaker d.o.o.
Driver’s behavior
MireoFleet offers reports on data such as maximum speed, duration of idle time, engine RPM”s. Benchmarking one driver against the other sets the standard for economic driving and enables management to reward good driving habits and timely prevention of bad driving habits. 
Maintenance scheduling
Integration of vehicle data with company’s ERP system enables enforcement of scheduled and preventive maintenance, non intrusive to the day-to-day operations.
Real Time Alarms
Our Geofencing capability allows for establishment od polygons that interact with vehicle instantaneous position. The alarms are generated whenever vehicle enters or exits the polygon.

The shape of polygons is arbitrary and can be set by the end user. Such feature is quite useful anytime when delivery or pickup of products/people is time sensitive.
Backoffice Analytics
Backoffice provides a set of tools to keep vehicle and driver data organized and accessible. It tracks fuel and other expenses, traffic violations and vehicle maintenance schedules.“In addition to realtime vehicle tracking data analysis, the MireoFleet system enables us to manage all additional vehicle related data.

Instead of creating and managing a number of different and unrelated excel files, MireoFleet centralizes all of the data and makes vehicle management easier than ever. By assigning drivers to vehicles and keeping all the expenses per vehicle/driver, the system generates and provides crucial reports.

The system has improved driver behavior, streamlined regular fleet management and decreased the cost of business activities.” says Vlado Sučić, CEO, Tim Zip d.o.o.
Our feature of linking dispatcher with drivers provides significant source of communication savings because all the interaction is conducted through messaging/navigation obsoleting cell phone usage. Another benefit is well-documented proof of communication, assignment of tasks or changes in schedule. 

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