Avl System Providers

White Label Solutions
Our white label solution is a replica of the MireoFleet system with the brand attributes of the company partnering with Mireo. Since this solution is typically the same as the MireoFleet system, you can try it by evaluating our free demo (link OR tab to the DEMO account)
Fleet operators looking to swap their existing system with our white label solution need to let us know the types of GPS tracking devices being used in their system and allow the wireless reprograming of their firmware so it’s compatible with MireoFleet.
The price of this solution is typically determined by the size of the fleet being managed.
If you’re interested in finding out more about this form of collaboration, contact Mireo at (phone number)
The Customization of Features With Minimum Nre
For companies with fleet management features that are not included in the white label solution, Mireo provides application-engineering support to enable the transition from the old system to the white label solution.
One such collaboration is the partnership between Mireo and CE Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. from India. Mireo successfully replaced an inadequate solution with a customized MireoFleet white label solution without any disruption of their daily operations.
Any customization of the white label solution requires minimum NRE charges commensurate with the statement of work. For more information contact Mireo at (phone number)
Long-Term Support Contracts
For customers implementing the white label solution or a customized white label solution, Mireo offers long-term application engineering support.
This support is utilized for: 
  • Day-to-day operations of the implemented white label solution
  • The ongoing needs of new customers requiring new features 
The support required is defined in the form of contract specifying Mireo’s obligations and the partner’s expectations for performance. The cost of the support is determined by the value of KPP’s (Key performance parameters) agreed between the partner and Mireo. For more information contact Mireo at (phone number) 
Application Engineering
In addition to offering white label and customized solutions, Mireo can develop API’s to enhance our partner’s existing software solutions.
One of the modules readily available for our partners is the MireoCAD system.
MireoCAD is a highly sophisticated, yet simple to use logistic planning tool that can be integrated into the MireoFleet system or provided as standalone module.
Another example of successful collaboration with other fleet operators is the development of communication frameworks between fleet clients and navigation-messaging units in trucks.
Typically we provide API’s that enable our partners to purchase licenses for Mireo’s navigation software that runs on Android and is linked to their AVL. For more information contact Mireo at (phone number).
MireoFleet is available as a white label solution for other providers of AVL solutions. 
Typical AVL system’s technological drawbacks are:
  • A lack of precision when matching vehicle movement to maps.
  • Enormous backup problems
  • Sluggishness of response
  • Lack of real time tracking and processing data
  • The need to add new servers whenever the number of vehicles per server exceeds a few thousand 
Mireo provides solutions tailored to overcome the technological deficiencies of your system, while preserving your brand and your market share.

Some of the features that we offer in this B2B relationship are:
  • White Label Solutions
  • The Customization of Features With Minimum Nre
  • Long-Term Support Contracts
  • Application Engineering 

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