Heavy Duty Transportation

MireoFleet has a special communication/navigation service linked with the AVL. This service lets dispatchers communicate with drivers through predefined messages, free text and waypoints. Driver to driver communication is also possible though the communication/navigation terminals.
The basic hardware for tracking is connected to an Android-based device capable of displaying maps and messaging between drivers and dispatchers. There are significant communication savings by eliminating the need for voice communication as well as reduced driver distraction.
Full truck load can be utilized by combining messaging/navigation with realtime EU cargo exchange boards. Connectivity to CAN bus or similar OBD devices in vehicles can be implemented to develop proper driver behavior. 
The main sources of savings for these MireoFleet users are:
  • Stopping the non-work related use of vehicles
  • Reducing fuel consumption 
Additionally, typical participants in this segment would like to get the answers to questions such as:
  • Where is the vehicle?
  • Where is the employee?
  • Where are the customers’ delivery points?
  • What are the idling times at delivery points?
  • What is the amount of non-work related use of vehicles?
  • Can the number of vehicles be reduced?
  • Can I reschedule drivers’ work orders en route?
  • How are drivers behaving? 
MireoFleet provides answers to those questions with information about:
  • The realtime position of vehicles/employees
  • Precise information about the time of arrival, idling time, and departure from the destination
  • Detailed information about all daily driver visits
  • Precise driver locations on the map with routing options
  • Communication between dispatcher and driver, and driver to driver
  • Instant alarms when a vehicle exceeds a predefined speed limit
  • Showing warnings about scheduled and preventive maintenance, tire rotation, registration, insurance expiration dates, etc. 

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